Roosevelt Academy Middle School Programs

Innovation Pre-Academy

The Roosevelt Technology Pre-Academy provides a hands-on approach to the core knowledge and skills of computer technologies associated with digital communications, operating systems, and basic computer programming in the information technology industry.  Students will work with software programs to gain an understanding of the fundamental structure and the application of coding software to the field of robotic engineering.

Roosevelt Farms Pre-Academy

Students who participate in Roosevelt Academy’s agricultural program, Roosevelt Farms, will be exposed to the latest technologies of crop production, using scientific principles to manage the school’s hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses, including a 10,000-gallon deep water raft (DWR) aquaponic system and 10,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space dedicated to food and nursery production.  Roosevelt Farms is recognized as a model program for excellence in teaching agriculture and related local community partnerships by many Florida universities and businesses.

Roosevelt Hospitality & Tourism Pre-Academy

Hospitality and Tourism is a major Florida industry, and this pre-academy provides students with the exposure to potential careers in hospitality and tourism. The program will focus on broad, transferable skills and understanding of the elements in the industry. Students will take academy-focused courses of Introduction to Marketing Sales & Service, Exploring Hospitality & Tourism Careers, and Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism, which provides a high school credit. Students will have opportunity for field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on projects. This pre-academy provides a pathway of learning into the high school academy.

Eagles’ Bistro Pre-Academy

This pre-academy will allows students to explore various careers in the food industry. Students will learn the basics of sanitary food practices, simple kitchen equipment, and the process to clean and maintain kitchen appliances.  Students will work as a part of a culinary team to create meal items. They will read and follow recipes, and prepare some foods from scratch. The pre-academy coursework includes Fundamentals of Culinary Careers and Culinary Arts 1.

Roosevelt Academy High School Programs

Roosevelt Farms

Students will learn hydroponics and aquaponics, as well as, traditional methods of Horticulture. Students grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and nursery plants. Service-learning is also a large part of our curriculum. We provide local business partners with quality plants for use and resale.

Eagle Academy of Building & Design

The Eagle Academy of Building and Design prepares students for careers in the construction industry. Our program offers specialized classroom instruction and shop activities.

Eagle Bistro

The culinary program focuses on food production, service, and management through hands-on experience. The students participate in operating our school and local community catering company.

Roosevelt Hospitality & Tourism

Students learn about the hospitality industry. The academy focuses on careers in food, travel, and hotel services, especially as related to Central Florida tourism

Innovation Academy

Graphic Design
We offer our students the opportunity to show their creativity in Digital Design, TV Production and Robotics classes. Industry certifications are an integral part of the programs and will enhance a student’s ability to obtain employment or further their education in a post-secondary environment.