Student Run Businesses at Roosevelt Academy

E Street Grille

Contact: Amy Bagby 

The E Street Grille is our on-campus student-run restaurant that serves lunch to our staff  on Thursdays each week. The students prepare a particular lunch each week such as hamburgers, tacos, chef salads, chili, lasagna, personal pizzas, spaghetti, and subs, just to name some examples. This is a great introduction for students to get a taste of what it’s like to work in a more commercial setting as opposed to the home kitchen. It helps develop teamwork and other vital employability skills that are so important to our graduates.

E street grille logo
Students making Tacos
Students mixing chesse
Students doing Dishes
Students cooking on the Stove
Students cutting Tomatoes

ETC (Eaglets’ Tasty Confections)

Contact: Susan Hornsby

  • Who: 6th and 7th grades
  • What:
    • Molded Chocolate Suckers
    • Peanut Clusters
    • Dipped Pretzels
    • Layered Drink Mixes
    • Spoonfuls
    • Hand Stamped Greeting Cards
    • Seasonal Painted Pottery Items
    • Assorted, Seasonal Gift Items
  • Why:
    • To reinforce and put into practice our school-wide employability skills.
    • Provide hands on learning of craft and limited cooking skills that can easily transfer into outside job opportunities.
  • What we do with our earned $$:
    • We help purchase SHARE holiday food packages at Thanksgiving and Christmas for families in need of some extra help.
    • We donate to school sponsored activities for our students.
    • Our student workers are rewarded with an end of the year fun day!
ETC Decoration
ETC Decoration 1
ETC Decoration 2
ETC Decoration 3
ETC Decoration 4
ETC Decoration 5

Roosevelt Farms

Contact: Ray Cruze

Roosevelt’s Horticulture program house’s the districts largest hydroponic growing system.  The system has a plant capacity of over 1,500 plants, uses only 72 gallons of water per day and consumes 320 row feet of space.  Students learn about how alternative forms of agriculture can increase food production and reduce cost by saving valuable resources like water and fertilizer.  Science is used to help with production as students monitor pH and exchange capacity of the nutrients.  Crops are harvested and sold to the public at the Lake Wales Care Center.

Our row crop program is well known as one of the only local sources for produce that is free of synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Students grow a variety of vegetables including: squash, grape tomatoes, beans, onions, collards and three varieties of chili peppers. The produce is available at the Lake Wales Care Center, seasonally. We use natural fertilizers like fish emulsion and soil supplements like kelp (seaweed) and humic acids to improve the quality of our soils which improves the flavor and self life of the produce we grow.

Throughout the year we are able to provide landscaping services to local schools and business. Landscape projects include the City of Lake Wales, the Mountain Lake Community, the Barranco Clinic, Our Children’s Academy, Hillcrest and Polk Avenue Elementary Schools.

Complementing the curriculum is the opportunity for students to be involved with several community programs. Students donate landscaping and plants to the Lake Wales Care Center for their transitional housing program. They also sponsor Veteran’s Day and Senior-Q (BBQ lunch) parties at the local convalescent centers honoring the residents. The year concludes with students participating in Bok Tower’s Earth Day activities for local elementary students.

Roosevelt’s Horticulture
Roosevelt’s Horticulture Garden
Students looking into a tank of water
2 students posing with fruits and vegetables they grew
Flowers grown by Roosevelt Academy Students
Plants grown by students at Roosevelt Academy

Outdoor Furniture Company

Contact: Daniel Sharpless

Roosevelt Academy works hard to incorporate learning through hands-on experiences. The students that participate in this project are introduced to the world of business through the use of cooperative learning, hands-on math, job skills, and everyday social skills.

 Our Furniture:

Any of the items below can be customized for a small additional charge.

6′ Park Bench: This bench is made from pressure treated wood and would be great for a patio, backyard, or school. The natural finish of this wood could withstand wind, rain, and sun…KIDS TOO! Also available is a 3′ adult chair.

6′ Adult Picnic Table: This 6′ picnic table would be great for any family or school faculty. The pressure treated wood used to build this table allows it to be used in any outdoor setting.

Children’s Bench: The 3′ children’s bench would be fun for any child ages 2 through 7. The pressure treated wood allows for this bench to be used anywhere outside or inside.

Children’s Picnic Table : This children’s piece of furniture is made from pressure treated wood and would be practical for any toddler. The 3′ children’s picnic table would be used at any daycare or elementary school.

Note: All furniture is made by students for the purpose of learning. Roosevelt Academy Staff and Students are not responsible for any injuries, loss, or damages caused by any piece of furniture purchased from OFC.

Coffee Table

Coffe Table

End Table

End Table

Life Guard Chair

Life Guard Chair

Double Adirondack Table Combo

Double Adirondack Table Combo

Corn Hole Set Of 2

Corn Hole Set Of 2

Picnic Bench Combo As Table

Picnic, Bench Combo-As Table

Picnic-Bench Combo As Bench

Picnic-Bench Combo As Bench

Child Adirondack Chair

Adult Adirondack Chair
Adult $75, Child $50

Picnic Table

Picnic Table
Adult $200, Child $125

Bar Stool Picnic Table

Bar Stool Table

Students sanding a picnic table
Students measuring and constructing a bench