Parent/Student Responsibilities

  • Education is important. In order for Roosevelt to help students achieve there must be support from parents and students must want to learn.
  • Students should be in school everyday and be on time. Students who have excessive absences and/or tardies can be withdrawn. A note must be sent to the school upon return for all absences.
  • If teachers assign homework it is an important part of the class and must be completed.
  • Parents should participate in decisions relating to child’s education, i.e. IEP meeting.
  • Students should take all notices/forms home to parents. Parents should read all notices from the school and/or school district and respond, as appropriate.
    Parents are invited to become an active volunteer.

Roosevelt Academy Uniform Policy

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­School Uniform T-Shirts ($10.00)

Middle School – Dark Grey T-Shirt

High School – Royal Blue T-Shirt

Seniors Only – Black T-Shirt (optional)

**This will be the last year for all other color T-shirts to be purchased and worn.

Uniform Pants or Shorts

Colors: Navy Blue, Khaki-tan, or Black

  • No blue jeans, leggings, spandex, sweats, or athletic shorts.
  • No holes, rips, tears, or frays.
  • Bottoms, including skirts/skorts should be no shorter than fingertip length to the side.
  • Pants are to be worn at the waist. No undergarments should be visible. (No sagging)

Other Dress Code Items

  • Jackets must have a button, snap, or zipper front. Hoods are permissible but cannot be worn during school hours.
  • Closed toe shoes are required. No CROCS, slides, or flip-flops.
  • No blankets, bedroom slippers, and/or pajamas are allowed.
  • No hats, sunglasses, visors, bandanas, do-rags, etc. are allowed.
  • Headphones are not permitted on campus unless being used in class at the teacher’s directive.

***Students MUST abide by all dress code regulations set forth in the Polk County Public Schools Code of Conduct.

  • Any item that does not enhance the learning environment and disrupts learning will be confiscated.
    • 1st Offense – Item will be locked up and parent must come to school to pick it up.
    • 2nd Offense – Item will be locked up at school until the end of the semester. If it is not a dangerous item (knife, etc.) it will be returned to the student at that time otherwise a parent must come.
    • 3rd Offense – Item will not be returned but donated to the Lake Wales Care Center. This pertains to cell phones, electronics, hats, and any other thing that distracts from the learning environment.

Policies And Procedures Of A School Of Choice Acceptance

Students enrolled in a Choice School are expected to adhere to behavior, attendance, academic, and uniform policies of the school to remain in the academy. Parents who have selected Roosevelt Academy for their child have done so with the expectation that certain standards have been publicized regarding discipline and the learning environment.

It is with this consideration that students, after due process, may be withdrawn back to their zoned school with or without the support of the parent/guardian if the student is found to be out of compliance with the Parent/Student Contract.

Within 15 days, decisions about satisfactory behavior, attendance, and academic progress that
recommend placement back into the zoned school may be appealed to the Regional Assistant Superintendent as the final decision maker on behalf of the Superintendent for a fair and impartial review.

If a student is accepted into Roosevelt Academy of Leadership and Applied Technology, but prior to entering that program is reassigned to a district discipline program or expelled due to a violation of the *Code of Student Conduct, he/she will be considered ineligible for admission.

FSA Scores: In the event that an incoming student does not pass the FSA he/she may be required to take intensive Math or Reading. These remedial courses may take up elective space within the student’s schedule.

A student may choose to leave Roosevelt Academy. Upon withdrawal from the school, a student forfeits his/her seat. However, the student may return to Roosevelt only by applying during the next enrollment period. Readmission to Roosevelt is not guaranteed and is subject to available space.

District Policy for the above scenario: If a student attends a school as an Out of Zone Academy transfer and he/she drops out of the academy, the School Board policy states that the student must return to his/her zoned school.


  • I understand that attendance is essential and will do my best to have my student attend school
    every day.
  • I will try to schedule all appointments, whenever possible, outside of school hours.
  • I understand extended pre-arranged absences must have prior approval from the
  •  Excused absences need to be accompanied with a note within three school days for the first ten absences.
    All additional days will require a doctor’s note.
  •  A conference will be scheduled with a social worker once absences become excessive.
  •  Excessive absences can result in dismissal from Roosevelt Academy.

Dress Code

  • IDENTIFICATION – IDs are initially provided and must always be worn waist level or
    higher while on campus. Replacement ID costs $5.00 for each additional one printed.
  • HEADWEAR – All hats, beanies, do-rags, bandanas, and headbands are not allowed.
  • OUTERWEAR – All cold-weather jackets, sweaters, and hoodies must have buttons, snaps,
    or zippers and be left open unless outside in cold weather. Also, hoodies are not allowed over
    the student’s head unless out in cold weather.
  • TOPS –
    • All students must wear a school uniform shirt, except for free dress days.
    • All other shirts (other than the uniform shirts) need to be the appropriate length for school activities.
    • Shirts must have solid sleeves without cuts or rips and must cover the shoulder and back.
    • Tank, tube, halter tops, and tops with straps are not allowed. See-through garments are not acceptable.
  • BOTTOMS – Pants, shorts, and skirts are worn at the hip bone and are to be finger-tip length or longer.
    • All bottoms must not have holes, rips, shreds, tears, or cut-offs (with or without underneath garments).
    • Belts are not required unless the bottoms cannot stay up around the hip.
    • Athletic Shorts, Running Shorts, Spandex, Leggings, Jeggings, Cotton Sweatpants are NOT allowed.
  • FOOTWEAR – Flip flops, slides, beach shoes, shower shoes, slippers, and bedroom slippers are not allowed.

Student Conduct

  • All students are to adhere to the discipline policies as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.
    • Please review the Polk County Schools Code of Conduct for student discipline guidelines.
    • Failure to follow the general rules and regulations will result in disciplinary procedures as described.
  • CELLPHONES – May NOT be used for personal reasons during class instructional times.
    • Use of cellphones except those approved by a teacher or administrator at any other time is prohibited, and theymust be powered fully off (i.e., not just placed into vibrate or silent mode) and stored out of sight.
    • Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and confiscation by an administrator.
    • Repeated misconduct that detracts from others’ opportunity to learn or failure to fulfill the stipulations may result in the student returning to his/her home zoned school.


  • Students will strive to maintain continuous academic progress and desirable work habits necessary for success.
  • The parent/guardian should review and sign interim reports each quarter.
  • Parents are encouraged to use the Parent Portal to check student grades regularly.
    • Teachers’ email addresses are on the school website under faculty.
    • Parents are encouraged to requests conferences through the school guidance department.
  • MAKE-UP SESSIONS – Friday afternoons are utilized for academic interventions.
    • Failure to maintain academic expectations may result in the student’s placement in makeup sessions.